Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mortgage traps in real estate investment to be aware of - Dave lindahl

With desperate homeowners as easy victim for scammers, there are two things that create a perfect environment for mortgage scams namely slowly recovering housing market and sluggish economy.

Making the deal sound legit and lucrative, it may give the impression of apprehensiveness at first however somewhere along the way; you may give the money you were not supposed to; very soon realizing that you have been scammed. Internet being the main playground, there are quite a few scammers from whom you should stay away from. Following are some of the collection of some Real Estate Scams that you should watch out for.

Identity Theft

Identity thieves are involved in your identity for what they can achieve from it. Having said that, make sure you are not giving your personal information to anyone if you can’t classify them under the category of being legitimate. In addition, find out as to what steps your loan officer is intriguing to put a stop to your identity from becoming a scammer's game.

Predatory Lending

Having gained a lot of attention, predatory lending is because of the number of homes going into foreclosure due to soaring interest rates. One should also be aware of the companies that will take advantage of a homeowner’s ignorance and desire to own a home thereby charging high rates to know the fact.

Bait and Switch Scam

This system seems to go well as you start but, by the end of the deal or as you close the deal signing up you may find that things being different. In view of the fact that seller is banking on the probability that you might go forward with the matter if you have used up a lot of time and money negotiating for the property. All offer documents should be read carefully before you sign.

There are several others apart from the aforementioned scamming systems hence it is always essential to take up the right guidance that will help you make out the most of everything. Dave Lindahl Realestate investment tips are always a blessing to people who wanted to stay away from mortgage scammers alongside it will also help you to thrive in real estate.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dave Lindahl Effective Real Estate Scam Circumvent Tips

Every business has its scammers, and real estate is no exemption. So many investors want to avoid it but he/she don’t have any scam avoidance ideas that’s why Dave Lindahl helps here to their investors.

                  Real Estate Scam Circumvent Tips

Dave Lindahl Scam Circumvent Tips

Not at all, send money to an "interested buyer”

One of the most familiar real estate bloop is selling to a person in another country. With this scam, the scammer says to live in another country and claims he would like to buy your real estate. Remember, you should only be getting money when you sell your real estate.

Not at all, turn over property documents to an "interested buyer"

Identity scammers will sometimes fake as an interested buyer and will then request to see property documents. Since this property document contains your individual information, you are basically hand over your identity when you hand over the document. Remember, you should never give your personal real estate documents to anyone other than a lawyer.

Never continue consulting with people who don’t have shown-up property yet

I.e. never seen your property yet. Some bloop artists will say that they are interested in buying your real estate without ever having seen it. Remember; don’t invest a large amount of money into real estate without having seen it first.

Real estate scams do exist and the scammers following these schemes prey mostly on beginners who do not have much experience in real estate investment. Before you invest your money in real estate, make sure to read these tips.

Get real estate investment professional advice. An experienced real estate investor only knows Scam prevent tricks. If you are interested in real estate investing, join a real estate investment club. Because that you can get advice and help from qualified real estate investors. If you are buying/selling a property or home, get the help from professional investors.