Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How to Avoid Scam in Real Estate Investing Says by Dave Lindahl

How to avoid pitfalls in real estate investing says by Dave Lindahl. Dave Lindahl says that 8 Common Pitfalls Real Estate Investors Should Avoid. Dave Lindahl says that Investors themselves often block the path to success with self-defeating attitudes, actions, and especially inaction, failing to “get out of their own way.” While intelligent investing is obviously a better strategy than ignorance, succumbing to “the paralysis of analysis” thwarts any chance of success. Steering a balanced course between the two poles of over- and under-thinking is the key.

Investing in Wrong Kind of Instruction Dave Lindahl gives tips in Investing time, energy and resources on the wrong kind of instruction is a common and costly mistake. Instead, pursue an education that teaches how to find success where others have failed, creating avenues for opportunity. Excessive Greed Dave Lindahl provides that an excessive greed can be an expensive attitude for investors. Wanting to maximize profits is only natural, but the price of stubbornly trying to squeeze every dollar out of a rental property could be a costly vacancy.