Friday, 4 September 2015

David Lindahl Says Consistently Grow Your Business

When you are looking to grow your business, you are always better off finding a way to go along with what people already want to do than try to force them off their own path and get them to come along to yours.

Try to know how can you use their consistency bias to promote your business and invite them to consider your products, services and business opportunity.Here are few David Lindahl's ideas for you to consider while you start your business:

1. Spending Habits-

Their spending habits will influence how they perceive your offer and would keep up with. Try to find out how they mingle across other people. When you start paying attention to people, you will get great ideas about what they are automatically set to do.

2. Peer Group-

It's your concern to see what groups do your prospects hang out with. You might start to see some commonalities that can be used to create your marketing material and presentations to help them see how working with you will get them the results they already want.

3. Social Status-

The way you position your product and service, appeals to a certain person with a certain social status. Consider the person you want to reach and then look at your marketing material and decide it accordingly.

4. Political Affiliations-

If your prospect thinks a certain way about the use of your product and service in terms of their political affiliation, then you will struggle to get them to think differently.

5. Mindset-

The people with whom you are or will be concerned are family oriented or not. Use that in your marketing and try to make them influence your way of business technique.Try to know them through their business or personal success.

With all these information try to judge them whether they are purpose driven or not.Make use of terms that feel mission driven, which appeal to their sense of purpose.

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