Wednesday, 14 October 2015

David Lindahl share digital marketing tips for agents

David Lindahl share here top tips for agents. Current Digital Marketing Special Report uncovered a wealth of information. 

1. Find a niche. "Specialize: find what works most excellent for you and become a specialist at it," one respondent suggested.

2. Start small and add on later. Take baby steps and start with one tactic. Maybe that's building out your Facebook or other account. Once you have mastered one tactic, build on with another.

3. Be yourself. People can sense a phony from a mile away. Your online profile is the first thing most likely clients will see, so make sure it is completely you.

4. Hire out when wanted. You have a lot on your plate. Don't be afraid to hire out work that you don't have time to offer to, or that you simply aren't stellar at.

5. Be patient. Advertising, especially organic tactics don't make a crash overnight. Keep at it.

6. Be steady. Your virtual brand, your social media publishing and your blogging should all be consistent so clients can find you and feel as if they know you.

7. Get to study. "Study leaders who have done it before you and take credit off of their suggestions and style."

8. Use technology in your favor. Whether it's a virtual social calendar and email marketing platform, utilize it to its maximum capabilities for the biggest return.

9. Be patient. Marketing, particularly organic tactics don't make an impact all night. Keep at it.

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